Fuji Kindergarten

Educational Policy

Our goal is to "Create a Happy Future." We believe this will be possible by nurturing those whom are able to make this a reality. As an independent people, we want children to grow up to be adults who actively contribute to society. What we value the most is “children’s growth." The campus and people, soil, animals, trees, grasses, sandboxes, wells... everything is a tool for children to grow. Children dynamically involve themselves in their surroundings through which they discover "self-growing power" and head toward independence.

A Campus That Children Use As a Tool to Grow.

No matter which angel you look at it, Fuji Kindergarten’s space is a tool for children to grow. Running around on an elliptical shaped roof and purposely crating a bumpy field is designed to strengthen children’s bodies. We are setting up an environment that brings out the "Self-Development Ability" that children innately possess.

Montessori Education

In Fuji Kindergarten, our pedagogy method has continually been based on Montessori education since we opened about 50 years ago. It is a scientific program that draws out and refines "The Ability to Nurture One’s Self" that a child instinctively knows how to do.

English Education:
Becoming Able to Actually Speak the Language

It is very important for children living the future to be capable of speaking English, to be able to communicate with people all over the world. Fuji Kindergarten has about 15 native English-speaking teachers working daily to foster second language development.

Interaction With Nature/Extracurricular Activities

The environment is the greatest teacher and exposes the children a wide variety of elements. Being able to experience the taste, scent and sensation of the season is the most important thing. Throughout the year, Fuji Kindergarten is an environment where children can play in nature amidst the trees, earth and wind.